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Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Baguley Engineering is an expert in permanent and portable truck wash services in WA, providing solutions for a broad range of heavy vehicles. The Ceramic Pro that uses for car paint protection in melbourne is not an ordinary product. The shine it gives to your car after applying it is noticeably.

We also specialise in steel fabrication, vehicle wash and wheel wash systems, ISO containers, cargo baskets, offshore containers, salt harvesters and hydraulic ladders.

All our vehicle and truck wash systems are custom built with modern and robust equipment, and can be tailored to accommodate road trains, semi-trailers, heavy mining equipment and machinery.

Permanent and portable vehicle and truck wash systems can be seen across WA, being ideal for use across a range of key industries:

  • Offshore
  • Oil and gas
  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Production and manufacturing industries
  • Industries requiring heavy vehicle hygiene maintenance

Caring for the Environment

Scarce water supply is a major concern in Western Australia, and many industries understand the need to use solutions that minimise water use.

Both permanent and portable truck and vehicle wash systems can be custom built to meet your environmental goals and targets.

The use of high pressure water and strategically-located jets means that these truck and wheel wash systems are both highly effective and sustainable.

Spare Parts, Repair and Maintenance

Although vehicle washdown systems generally require minimum servicing and maintenance, Baguley Engineering provides additional services as required, including repairs and supply of spare parts. Servicing can be carried out on-site and maintenance managed internally.

Wheel Cleaning

One of the most important parts of the vehicle cleaning process is the wheel wash. Wheels often collect the most dirt and contaminants, which can become a safety hazard.

Heavy vehicles with large wheels are particularly susceptible to picking up contaminants and dirt build-up. As such, cleaning is a particularly importance part of heavy vehicle maintenance, ensuring that wheels, suspension and brakes are kept clear of dangerous debris.

Range of Services

Baguley Engineering’s full range of services includes steel fabrication, permanent and portable truck cleaning systems, vehicle and wheel wash systems, ISO containers, cargo baskets, offshore containers, salt harvesters and hydraulic ladders.

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