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Frequently Asked Questions

» How are ISO Containers different from Offshore Containers?

ISO Containers are also referred to as intermodal containers, as they are designed for multiple modes of transportation such as ship, truck or rail but are not necessarily built for offshore transport. ISO Containers are normal shipping containers, which can also be modified for the mining industry. Baguley Engineering provides purpose built ISO containers to suit your specific needs whether it is for accommodation or storage.

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» Are your offshore containers built to international specifications?

Baguley offshore containers are made and tested to comply with DNV offshore specifications, as well as rigorous oil and gas industry standards, to ensure they are built for offshore transportation.

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» Why is wheel wash important?

One of most important parts of the vehicle wash is the wheel wash, as wheels spread mud and contaminants to the vehicle. Wheel wash is also essential as part of a regular maintenance routine as dirt and contaminants can affect suspension and brakes. Baguley Engineering offers quality vehicle wash and wheel wash services.

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» Are vehicle wash down systems standard or individually manufactured?

Baguley Engineering offers customised vehicle wash down systems which are individually manufactured to suit your requirements. Size specifications range from light vehicle 4WD through to road trains to heavy machinery.

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» Can one vehicle wash down system fit many vehicle sizes?

Large vehicles require more customised solutions whereas, light to medium vehicles may be able to use the one wash down system.

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» When is a permanent system utilised?

A permanent vehicle wash, wheel wash or truck wash system is often utilised where a long term solution is required, in cases where a mine site has a long lease.

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» When to choose portable over permanent washdown systems?

Portable vehicle wash down systems are often utilised when a transportable or temporary solution is required.

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» Do you offer portable truck wash?

Baguley Engineering uniquely offers a portable truck wash solution, which is customised to suit the client’s requirements. Portable truck wash is a convenient washdown solution often utilised in the mining or construction industries where the system must offer flexibility and portability.

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» What is the difference between portable and permanent Washdown systems?

Portable vehicle wash and portable truck wash systems are different from permanent solutions, as they are not built into the ground. These portable systems are available for any type of vehicle.

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