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Portable Wash Bays

Wash Bays

Wash Bays

Baguley Engineering provides effective, easy-to-use portable vehicle, truck and wheel wash bays for use across a range of industries, including mining, construction and military.

Engineered and designed to suit all applications, these units are fully mobile and can be relocated and operational within a couple of hours.

Reliable and robust, wash bay equipment can be customised for light and heavy equipment cleaning. These durable state-of-the-art systems provide significant benefits:

  • Easy to maintain (with staff training provided for faster, easy-to-manage in-house maintenance)
  • Fully-automated, user-friendly portable wash bay systems
  • Environmentally sustainable, able to recycle water to specification
  • Fully customised to suit specific requirements
  • Speeds up maintenance
  • Promotes safety, essential for meeting legislative requirements

Sustainable Solutions

Equipment is manufactured according to high quality control standards, with environmental considerations always front-of-mind. The result is engineering that maximises wash bay equipment performance while minimising water consumption.

Portable wash bays are particularly appropriate for use on sites with large fleets or in heavy equipment washing where large amounts of water can be wasted if sustainable procedures are not practiced.

Heavy equipment washing systems can be customised to recycle water to any specified degree. Lost, or castoff, water can result in a range of costly losses to businesses, including:

  • Wasting money on buying excess water
  • Environmental damage
  • Paying annual rising costs for pre-treatment of waste water for discharge
  • Financial loss associated with discharging to the sewerage system
  • Development of poor reputation

Capturing Contaminates

In order to ensure you meet strict health and environmental regulations, these portable systems contain units that capture all contaminates from vehicles after cleaning.

The units ensure that mud, harmful chemicals and debris are neither polluting the environment nor damaging your vehicles.

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Baguley Engineering’s full range of services includes steel fabrication, permanent and portable truck wash systems, truck, vehicle wash and wheel wash systems, ISO Containers, cargo baskets, offshore containers, salt harvesters and hydraulic ladders.

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