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Under Body Wash Unit

Underbody Wash Unit

Underbody Wash Unit

Underbody Wash Unit

Underbody Wash Unit

Baguley Engineering has exceptional vehicle cleaning solutions for every type of truck or vehicle.

Our truck wash systems incorporate specialised underbody vehicle wash and wheel washing equipment. High-powered pressure cleaners target key areas to ensure a comprehensive, effective cleaning performance.

Truck and wheel wash unitsare compact and portable, with automatic sludge removal to ensure vehicles and tyres are immaculately cleaned.

Cleaning Process

Baguley Engineering's consistent and effective truck and wheel wash systems are designed and manufactured for impeccable performance with every rinse.

As the vehicle enters the truck wash system, it passes through a photoelectric sensor which operates a vertical multistage pump, ensuring delivery of just the right amount of water under maximum pressure to clean the vehicle.

The platform in the unit below the truck consists of approximately 30 multi-directional spray jets, ensuring a thorough clean of every underbody component.

These jets are fitted with adjustable swivel joints and are directed at the following areas for accurate rinsing of:

  • Wheel arches
  • Brake callipers
  • General undercarriage with head lights
  • Tail lights
  • Number plates

Focused wheel wash jets start automatically spraying tyres from both sides as vehicles move through the unit. The initial rinse is water directed from the header tank to remove all mud, dust and contaminates.

Environmentally friendly, used water then flows back into the catchment tank which is situated directly beneath the cleaning area. From there, the water is reused for the next vehicle. Sludge is removed from the bottom of the catchment tank by means of a conveyor, which eliminates manual cleaning.

Benefits of Under Body Wash Units

Portable vehicle and wheel wash systems are convenient as they can be up and running within a couple of hours. Along with the underbody vehicle and wheel wash components, these high pressure cleaning systems include side panels which are fitted with 20 spray nozzles and an additional eightoverhead spray jets.

No manual cleaning is required before or after use, saving both time and labour.

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Baguley Engineering also carries out steel fabrication and manufactures cargo baskets, offshore containers, salt harvesters and hydraulic ladders.

Ask us about environmentally friendly underbody vehicle wash systems today. Please contact Baguley Engineering on (08) 9337 4566.

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