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Truck Wash

Truck Wash

Baguley Engineering offers a range of vehicle and truck wash equipment and systems with options to suit your industry and help you meet legislative requirements for the discharge of vehicle and waste liquids.

Our truck wash equipment and systems are environmentally friendly, cost effective, flexible and fully automated. Systems can recycle 100 percent of all captured vehicle and truck wheel wash water or be modified to your specifications.

Our truck wash equipment thoroughly removes dust, mud, contaminants and spores with systems designed especially for use onroad trains, semi-trailers, heavy mining equipment and machinery.

Customised Solutions

Consider the benefits of customised vehicle and truck wash equipment from Baguley Engineering. Our units are:

  • Environmentally friendly – We will custom build your system to meet your environmental targets and legal requirements.
  • Portable – Our portable vehicle and truck wash systems are ideal for mining and construction industries which need to relocate systems regularly. Talk to us about flexible and portable options.
  • Easy to Maintain - We supply spare parts for all units and can train your staff in ongoing care and maintenance of systems.

Save Time, Get Results

Our fully automated drive-through systems give you a quality clean, consistent results and efficiency, able to handle volumes of vehicles in a short timeframe. Regular cleaning will also extend the life of yourtrucksthrough slowing down corrosion.

Attention to Detail

One of most important parts of the truck wash is the wheel, as they often contain the most dirt and contaminants. Wheel wash also aids in truck maintenance ensuring that the suspension and brakes are kept clear of debris.

Baguley Engineering offers quality truck wheel wash systems, with additional high powered jets targeted at high dirt areas.

Speak to us today about vehicle and truck wash equipment and systems Australia wide(including Surat Basin, QLD, Dalby and Chinchilla) or steel fabrication, ISO containers, offshore containers, salt harvesters and hydraulic ladders.

Clean Up With Baguley Engineering

Get clean vehicles and machinery or customised cleaning options with Baguley Engineering. Call us today on (08) 9337 4566 and we'll tailor a solution for you.

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