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Cleandown Trailers

Cleandown Trailers

Cleandown Trailers

Cleandown Trailers

Perth Baguley Engineering specialises in steel fabrication , permanent and portable truck wash systems, vehicle wash and wheel wash systems, ISO containers , cargo baskets, offshore containers , salt harvesters and hydraulic ladders.

For clients requiring a moveable or temporary truck cleaning system, Baguley Engineering offers portable vehicle washdown systems. Fully self-contained, these systems comprise:

  • Trailer
  • Water tanks
  • Portable oil/water separator
  • Wet/dry vacuum system
  • Containment drum
  • Compressor
  • High pressure water cleaners
  • Portable bunding and storage
  • Truck wheel wash solutions


The trailer is designed and manufactured to Australian safety standards. Baguley's modern portable truck and vehicle washdown systems produce the best performance across all truck wheel and vehicle washing services.

Key trailer specifications include:

  • Less than 2 000kg gross weight
  • Dual axle
  • Heavy duty off-road springs
  • Electric brakes
  • Towing coupling and small 7-pin round plug
  • Main frame manufactured from lightweight aluminium

Water Tanks

Baguley offers two water cartage tanks as part of mobile truck and vehicle wash down systems. This includes one large water tank and one small tank that is primarily used to contain chemicals but can also be used for additional water storage.

Small water tank

  • 100 litre water tank
  • Size: height 500mm x length 700mm x width 700mm

Large water tank

  • 600 litre water tank
  • Size: height 870mm x length 700mm x width 700mm

Portable Oil and Water Separator

The portable truck wash system includes a portable separator with a stainless steel body and safety cover. The separator is designed for simple and quick operation.

The separator is fitted with:

  • Vertical tube separation blocks and absorbent filter sheets
  • A 24 volt system in conjunction with the recycling system

Wet and Dry Vacuum System

The air operated vacuum system efficiently pulls liquids into sealed drums. Operating on compressed air, this system requires no maintenance and can remove liquid without losing prime.

This washdown system element is perfect for:

  • Picking up sludge, metal chips and other debris which clogs and harms pumps
  • Safely drawing excess liquid into the containment drum for disposal

Containment Drum

The containment drum is an important feature of all mobile truck washing, portable truck wash and truck wheel washing operations, filtering drainage for disposal during thecleaning process.

The containment drum includes:

  • A removable lid and quick release clamp
  • A three tier filter-grid and a small valve at the bottom for drainage


The portable truck wash diesel compressor has sufficient power to easily operate the wet/ dry vacuum system.

Compressor features include:

  • Slow revving cast iron construction
  • Single stage 135 PSI
  • Full Engine auto idle for high volume fast recovery

High Pressure Water Cleaners

Our high pressure water cleaners are specifically designed as a comprehensive solution for washdown systems, and are used for mobile truck wash and truck wheel washing services. High pressure is effective in degreasing, de-scaling and disinfecting equipment across a range of industries.

Designed for high performance and efficiency, our mobile truck washing high pressure water cleaners come with:

  • World class after sales service, spare parts and back up
  • Durable ABS cooling tank to environmentally isolate main water supply and protect overheating
  • 3 ceramic plunger pump with brass head
  • Honda diesel engine with low oil guard and electric start
  • Exclusive tooth belt drive
  • Pressure gauge in glycerol bath
  • Detergent metering control
  • Adjustable by pass valve and stainless steel inlet filter

Portable Bunding

Spill and cleaning mats are manufactured from TARPOL, a heavy duty PVC coated tear resistant and high tenacity woven polyester cloth. These mats are important for chemical spill control and the prevention of the spread of weeds or disease in parks, and can be also used in:

  • Portable vehicle and truck wash
  • Building services
  • Cleaning operations
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Truck and vehicle wheel washing


The portable washdown systems offer two types of lockable storage compartment:

  • Side storage compartments: Provides easy access to the portable bund mat
  • Front storage compartment: Ideal for repair equipment, brushes and chemical storage

For more info on Baguley's cleaning services, please contact Baguley Engineering (08) 9337 4566.

Baguley Engineering’s services range includes steel fabrication, permanent or portable truck wash systems, vehicle wash and wheel wash systems, ISO Containers, cargo baskets, offshore containers, salt harvesters, and hydraulic ladders.

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