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Vehicle Wash

Wheel Wash

Baguley Engineering's wheel and vehicle wash down systems are essential wherever the removal of mud, dust and contaminants is essential to meet legislative requirements or to increase efficiency and safety.

We also specialise in steel fabrication , permanent and portable truck wash systems, ISO containers , offshore containers , salt harvesters , hydraulic ladders and cargo baskets.

Baguley Engineering is one of a few Australian companies offering mobile or portable vehicle and wheel washdown systems, fully customised to suit your requirements. We will create the most appropriate vehicle and wheel washdown systems for your industry to ensure your continued success.

Benefits of Baguley Wash Down Systems

Baguley Engineering's vehicle wash, truck and wheel wash down systems are an easy to deploy, cost-saving choice. Not only are the systems fully automated, they can be completely mobile – so wherever your operation goes, your washdown system can follow.

Your vehicle wash, truck or wheel washdown system can be transported to your site, set up and fully operational within a couple of hours.

Consider the benefits of our vehicle, truck and wheel washdown systems:

  • Australian owned product
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Easy to deploy
  • Cost saving
  • Transportable
  • Located on site
  • Assembled up and running in just hours
  • Reduces spread of disease, weeds & seeds
  • Useful in mining & agricultural industries
  • Useful in quarantined areas
  • Promotes efficiency and safety
  • Excellent as part of maintenance routines
  • Fully automated and customised
  • Easily maintained
  • Guaranteed as per manufacturer's warranty

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Preferred Choice

Baguley Engineering is proud to be a preferred service provider for many major mining, agriculture, forestry, construction and government organisations.

The following organisations use our vehicle wash, truck and wheel washdown systems on site for the listed applications:

  • Thiess Services - Landfill sites and coal mines
  • Queensland Government - Environmental issues
  • BHP Billiton - Safety and maintenance on sites
  • BHP Billiton / Mitsubishi Alliance - Mine site maintenance
  • Worsley Alumina - Mines and processing plants
  • Royal Australian Navy - Maintenance and safety
  • Fire and Emergency Services of WA - Environmental, safety and chemical spills
  • Leighton Contractors - Environmental and maintenance
  • St. Ives Gold Mine - Maintenance and safety
  • Esperance Port Authority - Environmental and safety
  • Foxleigh Coal Mine - Maintenance and safety
  • Iluka Mineral Sands - Environmental
  • Cairns Council - Environmental
  • Goldrush Tours - Maintenance and safety
  • Boddington Gold Mine - Environmental
  • Richgro Garden Products - Environmental
Design Process

Baguley Engineering provides professional and customised vehicle wash, truck and wheel washdown systems suited to your requirements. Our team will visit your site, measure for each unit and check requirements.Each unit is then custom-built to suit client requirements.

Once built, the units are delivered, installed and commissioned by qualified staff.

How Does It Work

As the vehicle drives through the portable vehicle, truck or wheel wash, it passes a photo electric sensor, which activates pumps to produce enough water and pressure to clean the vehicle. Water from the process can then be recycled.If chemicals are required, we can also supply units fitted with detergent systems.

Overall the vehicle wash, truck wash or wheel wash down system targets the underside of vehicles including wheel arches, tyres, breaks, callipers and number plates, as this is usually the primary site of most contaminants.

The vehicle wash system has more than 50 multidirectional spray jets that target the sides of vehicles, as well as overhead spray bars, which clean the tops of vehicles.

Spare Parts and Repairs

Baguley Engineering provides additional services such as spare parts and repairs to maintain your vehicle, truck and wheel washdown systems.


Our washdown system needs only minimal servicing and maintenance. Servicing can be carried out on-site and maintenance managed by your staff. We will provide training in conjunction with the commissioning of units, to ensure your staff can effectively maintain your washdown system.

Choose Baguley Engineering

Choose Baguley Engineering for unique, convenient and efficient washdown solutions. To get information on any of services including steel fabrication, offshore containers, ISO containers, salt harvesters, hydraulic ladders or cargo baskets please contact us (08) 9337 4566.

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