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ISO Containers

Offshore Containers

ISO containers are also referred to as intermodal containers, as they are designed for multiple modes of transportation such as ship, truck or rail.

ISO containers are normal shipping containers which can also be modified for the mining industry or for other purposes. Baguley Engineering provides purpose built ISO containers to suit your specific needs.

Storage Solutions

Baguley Engineering is proud to have a successful track record in specialist manufacture or modified containers for a wide variety of uses including:

  • Offices - Often for site offices.
  • Laboratories - To store lab equipment and conduct lab work.
  • Storage / Storerooms - To store chemicals or products for easy access.
  • Workshops: For additional workshops on site.
  • Rigging Lofts
  • Accommodation - Built as living quarters often on site.

Each ISO container is manufactured to suit your individual requirements. Baguley Engineering can purpose build an ISO container to any level of customisation.

Container Options
  • Shell only
  • Shelving
  • Cupboards
  • Heavy duty draws
  • Storage cabinets
  • Benches
  • Air conditioning: zone rated
  • Insulated
  • Windows
  • Offices
  • Toilets
  • Other fit out options

Cargo Baskets and Transportation Skips

Baguley Engineering also offers cargo baskets and transportation skips, which are typically non- enclosed transportation solutions.

Choose Baguley Engineering for purpose built ISO containers, transportation skips and cargo baskets Australia wide. We are also specialists in steel fabrication, permanent and portable truck wash systems, vehicle wash and wheel wash systems, offshore containers, salt harvesters and hydraulic ladders.

Consult Our Team

Contact Baguley Engineering today on (08) 9337 4566 and consult our team about steel fabrication, permanent or portable truck wash, vehicle wash and wheel wash systems, offshore containers, ISO containers, salt harvesters, hydraulic ladders or cargo baskets.

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